Announcing Bar Entertainment thru June 2017


   3-Mar     Barry Johnson    8-11p.m.
4-Mar     Fistful of Bacon  9p-12a
10-Mar   The McGuire's    8-11p.m.
11-Mar   Tight Rope Band 9p-12a
17-Mar   Paul Bertsch Band 9p-12a
18-Mar          TBD
24-Mar   Barry Johnson    8-11p.m.
25-Mar   The McGuire's    9p-12a
31-Mar          TBD
1-Apr            TBD
7-Apr     Fistful of Bacon  9p-12-a 
8-Apr     Tight Rope Band 9p-12a
14-Apr   Two for the Show      8-11p.m.
15-Apr   These Fine Gentlemen     9p-12a
21-Apr   Hamilton Creek         9p-12a  
22-Apr   The McGuire's    9p-12a
28-Apr          TBD
29-Apr   LukeCarol Project     9p-12a
5-May   Paul Bertsch Band  9p-12a
6-May    Tight Rope Band 9p-12a
12-May  Fistful of Bacon  9p-12a  
13-May         TBD
19-May  The McGuire's    8-11p.m.
26-May         TBD
27-May  LukeCarol Project     9p-12a
2-Jun            TBD
3-Jun     Two for the Show      9p-12a
9-Jun     The McGuire's    9p-12a
10-Jun          TBD
16-Jun   Two for the Show      9p-12a
17-Jun          TBD
23-Jun          TBD
24-Jun   LukeCarol Project     9p-12a


30-Jun   Fistful of Bacon  9p-12a   












                                                               *Subject to change.   May add more dates.